Listen to the “Heart of Australia”

Official Release: 26 October 2022.

“Blue Sky Walking” refers to the spirit of everyone involved in the production of the song, “Heart of Australia”
— the writers and performers.  

The composers wish to acknowledge the song was written on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We sincerely hope that our work does justice to the thousands of generations of song-people that have gone before us on this country.

“What a song! It captures so much and encompasses so very
much. It calls to heart, first nation, the now nation, and everyone,
with a combined sense of wonder and gratitude about the fact
we all live on this great, great and ancient land.”

“It is superb and just like Peter Allen’s, ‘I Still Call Australia Home’,
or Sarah McLauchlan’s song, ‘In The Arms of An Angel’, it captures
true heart, mystery and magic.”

Dean Carey, 28 September 2022

“Strong lyrics and incredibly heart felt.
I wish you and your team all the very best with the launch.”
Marcia Hines,
29 September 2022

“It’s absolutely lovely, thank you for sharing…”
Carol Maillard,
Sweet Honey in the Rock, USA.
4 October 2022.

Grace Forrest portrait picture

“Anatole, I appreciate you taking the time to share the ‘Heart of Australia’ song with me – it’s truly lovely.”
Dame Doria (DC)
Grace Forrest,
Founder of Walk Free

“On the first listen I had goose-bumps and on the second listen I was singing it like she was an old friend. The true sign of a classic and it made me feel proud to be an Ozzie. i only wish Olivia could hear it… or maybe she can… Just beautiful and congratulations.”

Tottie Goldsmith OAM

“Wow… Amazing! Beautiful work…
Congratulations! Would love to learn how we can support…”
Dame Doria (DC)
Cordova, Ph.D. (Hon.),
CEO, Global Business Developer,
Sustainability Entrepreneur,
Owner Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs

“I’ve just listened to the song and it’s beautiful!
It has anthem written all over it!!”
Bronny Lane,
22 August 2022*

(*) Bronny has three decades of experience in the arts & entertainment industry. A classically trained concert pianist and musicologist. She is a graduate of Melbourne University (B.Mus) and also studied at the Victorian College of the Arts and the University of California, Los Angeles (USA) where she made the ‘Deans Honors List’.

“I Love the song!!!!!!!!” 
Ralph Carr,
12 October 2022

“Great song.”
Gary Smith,
10 September 2022 (†)

(†) Gary graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. With 35 years conducting experience Gary has directed all types of ensembles and currently works with 5 Sydney community choirs including the ABC Choir. He has worked locally and internationally with many choral groups, performing in Sth East Asia and at The Edinburgh Festival.

“Hauntingly beautiful and moving.
Wishing all the success it deserves.”

Nellie Melnik,
7 October 2022

Heart of Australia

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