Heart Connections

Nurturing Our Present & Emerging Custodians

Heart Connections showcases people whose ideas and activities inspire us — whose efforts unite and help lead the way – we actively promote the special work they do in our communities. The vision is to bring together Australia’s rich and diverse peoples of all ages and cultures to celebrate all that’s good in this world.

To respect and honour this country’s unique Indigenous history and custodianship via our nation’s multicultural diversity.

Issue 5

Preparing the Way
Preparing the Way is a training organisation dedicated exclusively to end of life doula care. We are committed to transforming how people support others at the end of life.
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No Limits Perth

Issue 4

No Limits Perth
Provides essential emergency support services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people across Perth’s northern suburbs.
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Wrap with Love

Issue 3

The late Sonia Gidley-King (Founder) & Lorraine Sutton (Chairperson)
Provides knitted squares made into blankets for those in need – millions of people across the planet suffer extreme cold through poverty, war, earthquakes, homelessness, climate issues and more.
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Orange Sky

Issue 2

Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett
Provides a free mobile laundry service for homeless people — it’s about creating a safe, positive and supportive environment for people who are too often ignored, or who feel disconnected.
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Dwayne Bannon-Harrison

Issue 1

Dwayne Bannon-Harrison
Provides a powerful experience of indigenous food, ceremony and more — seeks to help change the narrative and shift mindsets by sharing Indigenous ways of knowing – allowing others to glimpse the power of ancient wisdoms – programs are designed to help participants reach greater wellness in mind, body and spirit.
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Warning Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people should exercise caution when viewing our online gallery as it may contain names and images of deceased persons, which may cause distress to members of these communities.