Heart of Australia

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Heart of Australia

October 26

Join Us to Inspire, Celebrate & Unite Australia.

Heart of Australia

Inspire | Celebrate | Unite

On the 26 October each year we will celebrate the living heart of these lands and its peoples. Inviting Australians to give voice to what we truly love about each other and these lands.  Inspired by the song, Heart of Australia, we seek to unite Australians of all ages and cultures, to honour Australia’s rich Indigenous history and custodianship.

We respectfully acknowledge the First Nations peoples of these lands, we now all call home. The ingenuity, strength and diversity of Indigenous cultures enriches us all and we aspire to walk together, as a community, honouring the deep and profound foundations that they have laid for us.



to the Heart

14 February to
26 October

The Journey to the Heart celebration, 26 October 2022 featured the special launch of the song, Heart of Australia. On the 26 October 2023 we presented the Heart of Australia Award to each of our Heart Connections to acknowledge and honour their great and important work.

The vision is to bring together Australians of all ages and cultures to honour Australia’s unique Indigenous history and custodianship.

Listen to the Heart of Australia

Heart of Australia ‘Song’

At the heart of Australia I hear my spirit call.
A longing for a timeless truth that unites us all.
Where the beauty of these ancient lands sings into my soul.
At the heart of Australia, I’ve found home.

The composers wish to acknowledge this song was written on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We sincerely hope that our work does justice to the many generations of song-people that have gone before us on this country.

Music and Lyrics by Anatole Kononewsky, Adrian Hannan and Barbara Hannan.
© 2020 APK Creative Holdings Pty Ltd

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Heart of Australia
Journey to the Heart

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